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   - insert a microSD card into your cardreader   - insert a microSD card into your cardreader
   - start the Raspberry Pi Imager   - start the Raspberry Pi Imager
-  - choose OnAirScreen.img file +  - click ''CHOOSE  OS'' and select ''Use custom'', then select the [[|OnAirScreen.img]] file 
-  - choose SD Card +  - click ''CHOOSE SD CARD'' and select the SD card you want to write the image to 
-  - press "WRITEbutton+  - press ''WRITE'' button 
 +===== Screenshots from Raspberry Pi Imager =====
-{{::rpi_imager_1.png?400 |}} +{{::rpi_imager_1.png|}} 
-{{::rpi_imager_2.png?400 |}} +{{::rpi_imager_2.png|}} 
-{{::rpi_imager_3.png?400 |}} +{{::rpi_imager_3.png|}} 
-{{::rpi_imager_4.png?400 |}} +{{::rpi_imager_4.png|}} 
-{{::rpi_imager_5.png?400 |}}+{{::rpi_imager_5.png|}}
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