#### OnAirScreen API / UDP / HTTP Commands OnAirScreen can receive API commands via UDP default port 3310 or HTTP default port 8010
Here is an easy UDP example on how to control a local OnAirScreen instance on a linux system.

Replace the IP address with the IP address of your OnAirScreen. This will be shown in the first footer line of OnAirScreen after start.

Set LED1 Text to "FOO" and switch LED1 on: ``` echo "CONF:LED1:text=FOO" > /dev/udp/ echo "LED1:ON" > /dev/udp/ ```

To remotely control an OnAirScreen from Windows, use the oas_send.exe which is part of the OAS Windows License:

``` oas_send.exe –ip "LED1:ON" ```

##### HTTP API You can also pass commands to OAS via HTTP. Strings need to be urlencoded.

``` curl curl ```

##### API Commands

UDP Command Function
`LED1:[ON/OFF]` switch LED1 on/off
`LED2:[ON/OFF]` switch LED2 on/off
`LED3:[ON/OFF]` switch LED3 on/off
`LED4:[ON/OFF]` switch LED4 on/off
`NOW:TEXT` set TEXT in first footer line
`NEXT:TEXT` set TEXT in second footer line
`WARN:TEXT` set TEXT and switch on red warning mode
`AIR1:[ON/OFF]` start/stop Mic Timer
`AIR2:[ON/OFF]` start/stop Phone Timer
`AIR3:[ON/OFF/RESET/TOGGLE]` start/stop/reset/toggle Radio Timer
`AIR3TIME:seconds` set Radio Timer to given value in seconds
`AIR4:[ON/OFF/RESET]` start/stop/reset Stream Timer
`CMD:REBOOT` OS restart
`CMD:SHUTDOWN` OS shutdown
`CMD:QUIT` quit OnAirScreen instance

##### Remote Configuration Commands `CONF:General:stationname=TEXT`

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